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Meet adults like you who’ve earned their high school equivalency (HSE) and are achieving their dreams. Then find out the simple steps you can take to join them.

Testimonials from real TASC test takers

Chantal Reddon
Finished 10th Grade in 2005

Chantal's Motivation:

“[My teacher] made me feel like no matter what I did, no matter where I’m from, I could do better and succeed. From then on, I knew I had to be the one to do the right thing. She gave me something that no one else did, and that was hope and motivation, which I want to give to others someday, too.

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After earning her HSE, Chantal decided to go to college and earn an associate degree so she can pursue a career in the medical field. “I also have dreams of one day owning my own business [that] would help children from all backgrounds. I want to provide them with everything they need.”






Mike Puccio
Finished 11th Grade in 1993

Mike's Motivation:

“The possibility that my child would follow in my footprints by one day not wanting to continue his education. I now would have a chance at convincing him that it is important and it’s never too late.

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After studying with the practice questions at and brushing up on vocabulary and American history, Mike took the TASC test and earned his HSE in 2014.


A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Shanequa Grant
Finished 10th Grade in 2005

Shanequa's Motivation:

After being held back and dropping out in 12th grade, Shanequa has always wanted to continue her education. “I doubted myself. But I passed with flying colors. It gave me confidence in myself.”

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Now, Shanequa is studying health information technology to become a medical assistant. She also took the New York State School Safety Exam so she can work while she’s in school.


Sergio Garcia
Repeated 10th Grade in 2011

Sergio's Motivation:

“Realizing that I want a bright future for myself. My motivation and inspiration was seeing others around me graduate high school and college and begin their careers.”

Find out Sergio's plan for the future

Sergio earned his HSE by taking the TASC test once he was satisfied with his practice test results. “I plan to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice, become a police officer, and over time become a detective.”



Dale Daniels
Dropped Out at Age 16

Dale's Motivation:

“Once I found a job, I got complacent. I figured I had a job that would provide for me for the long run…But boy, I was wrong. I wanted to move forward in life. I wanted to experience the joys and excitement of college and achieve things I had never achieved before. [My family] become my inspiration; it became my goal to make them proud.”

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After hours of studying, Dale passed the TASC test and earned his HSE. He plans to finish college now and get a full time job so he can achieve his dream of changing the world. He’s at Purdue University Calumet studying Political Science.


Lisa Nickerson
Graduate from High School in Trinidad in 1991

Lisa's Motivation:

An immigrant to the United States, Lisa was self-employed and lost her business. When she sought employment, she realized she needed an HSE in the U.S. It would have been an expensive and long process to seek validation of her high school diploma from Trinidad.

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“I got into the healthcare field and realized I liked it. As a result, I decided I wanted to become a nurse.” Lisa is currently pursuing her dream in nursing school.



Katelin Connor
Dropped Out After Being Homeschooled

Katelin's Motivation:

After losing her father, being homeschooled, and returning to public school at age 13, Katelin was held back twice. Then she found out she was dyslexic, decided to finish high school at home, and became pregnant. Now with two young sons, Katelin says, “I want to be there to help them get through school…I knew if I didn’t have a good education, my children wouldn’t be able to ask me for help."

Find out Katelin's plans for the future

Now that she’s earned her HSE alongside her younger sister, Katelin plans to pursue her dreams attending cosmetology school and performing as a singer.


Travis Dambrot
Completed 10th Grade in 2008

Travis' Motivation:

After dropping out because of agoraphobia and panic disorder, Travis Dambrot has always wanted to overcome anxiety and earn his HSE.

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“Once I overcame my anxiety disorders earlier this year, getting my HSE was a top priority. Everything…fell into place. I didn’t think I’d pass the test, but I did.”



Crystal Tracy
Repeated 10th Grade 3 times 2001-2003

Crystal's Motivation:

My daughter…knows that [I] go to school and is very excited every time she goes with my husband to drop me off at my classes. I will instill in her the importance of finishing high school and never giving up on your dreams.”

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Crystal started working towards her associate degree in criminal justice after earning her HSE, and she plans to earn her bachelor’s degree. She credits her success to perseverance and commitment to studying.


Dr. Rachel DeVaughn
Completed 10th Grade

Rachel's Motivation:

“All of my life I dreamt of working in a college office, wearing a blue suit to work, and being ‘important.’ The negative stigma…from dropping out went deep within, and I knew I didn’t want to fit the ‘high school dropout’ mold.”

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Her aunt signed her up to take her HSE exam, and Rachel has since earned an associate degree, a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Faulkner University, a Master of Education from William Cary University, and later her PhD in Higher Education Administration. “I decided that I wanted to go into education and help other students who struggled academically. I knew there were many students out there who did not have a solid support system at home, and I wanted to provide for them.”

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