A new way to ensure ongoing telecom cost efficiencies



A new way to ensure ongoing telecom cost efficiencies

How are you staying ahead of the constantly changing telecom billing?

With SpyCare, your organization's telecom needs are constantly monitored for maximum time savings and efficiency. Here's what's included:

Initial Optimization + Annual Health Check

Our SpyCare service begins with a full assessment and optimization of current telecom invoices – setting you up with immediate spend efficiencies.

Mobility Management

Stay current with your telecom bills by accessing our MobilityCare dashboard. This dashboard provides a complete view of your expenditures from multiple vendors, accounts, and plans. MobilityCare also ensures an efficient mobile environment with automated monthly reporting.

Telecom Billing Help Desk

New contract proposal? Sudden spike in telecom prices? Connect with SpyGlass experts through NetCare, an online help desk to help you get answers to all your telecom spending questions.

Nationwide Pricing & Technology Benchmarks

Whether you are evaluating a carrier proposal or implementing a new service, SpyGlass InSights lets you compare rates across carriers and understand new technologies. Get the best pricing possible by seeing comparable service rates across the country.
  • Contract expirations that lead to price changes.
  • Provider mergers or combinations that lead to plan changes and contract issues.
  • Large carrier pricing announcements, especially in the ever-changing world of wireless and internet, that lead to overspending under old legacy plans.
  • Carrier technology changes that lead to new service offerings and better pricing.
  • Continuous human and systems error by the providers that leads to duplicate service and incorrect implementation of pricing.

It's easy to get started

In a recently completed survey of our clients, SpyGlass found that 40% of respondents cited the desire for access to pricing, contract and carrier information as a significant need for their businesses.

Whether wireless or land lines, Internet or cloud services, access to information on current pricing and carrier option trends ranked very high.


90% of enterprises overspend on telecom services.

Don't spend hours assessing your telecom spending every month, let SpyCare work for you.

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