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7 Reasons Why a Repeat Audit is Necessary

There are reasons why it's time to reassess your telecom expenses.

Since your last telecom audit, what has changed in your business?

Reason 1:


An acquisition or merger means inheriting another company's telecom bills that can be full of inefficiencies and mistakes. A telecom audit can identify overcharges and help your M&A transaction boost your company's bottom line.
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Reason 2:


When you cease operating a business unit, the telecom services and fees linked to the divested business are more than likely still a part of your comprehensive bill. Or, you may still be receiving bills related to the divested part of your business. The providers make it very difficult to determine on the face of the bill what locations or business units are covered by that bill. 
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Reason 3:

Location Changes

Relocation or adding locations is never a clean-cut process and often demands precision when disconnecting or reconnecting services. With dual service periods, disengaging old accounts and activating new, common, easy-to-make mistakes and overcharges can occur—making a telecom audit exceedingly advantageous.
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Reason 4: Personnel Changes

Companies can be inadvertently paying for unused lines, devices, seats or licenses, or too much for unnecessary bandwidth when they experience changes in their personnel count. A telecom audit can identify the excess and help your company only pay for what's necessary.
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Reason 5: Telecom Management Changes

When the responsibility over telecom transfers to a new employee's desk, information and historical knowledge can get lost in the shuffle. Likewise, the newly responsible parties may not have a clear blueprint of what they are now managing. This can lead to lost profit. A telecom audit ensures your cost center is optimized and the managing parties are equipped with the knowledge they need.
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Reason 6: Changes to Lines of Business

Like any element of internal infrastructure, the need for telecom services changes as lines of business are added or removed. During states of expansion and contraction, a telecom audit will streamline your cost and ensure accuracy with one of your company's largest expenses. 
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Reason 7: No Changes?

My company didn’t experience any changes in business since the last telecom audit.

Your telecom bills may still have fallen into inefficiency.

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  • Contract expirations that lead to price changes.
  • Provider mergers or combinations that lead to plan changes and contract issues.
  • Large carrier pricing announcements, especially in the ever-changing world of wireless and internet, that lead to overspending under old legacy plans.
  • Carrier technology changes that lead to new service offerings and better pricing.
  • Continuous human and systems error by the providers that leads to duplicate service and incorrect implementation of pricing.

It's easy to get started

It's easy to get started

A repeat telecom expense audit finds errors and inefficiencies in 90% of engagements.


Schedule your risk-free telecom audit.


Provide us with a two-month sample of your most recent bills.


We go to work inspecting your bills, contracts, reports, and customer service records to build a completely new audit with new recommendations.


Remember, once you review and approve our recommendations, we deal with the providers for you.

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If we don’t find anything, or you don’t like our recommendations, you don’t owe us anything.

In a recently completed survey of our clients, SpyGlass found that 40% of respondents cited the desire for access to pricing, contract and carrier information as a significant need for their businesses.

Whether wireless or land lines, Internet or cloud services, access to information on current pricing and carrier option trends ranked very high.


90% of enterprises overspend on telecom services.


"What impressed me most about SpyGlass was their ability to work with our phone service provider. . .SpyGlass was immediately able to get results from the provider, even able to get credits for City requests submitted several years back."

— David Cranford —

Director of Finance | City of The Colony

"We upgraded our telecom infrastructure with changes since our initial engagement with SpyGlass.  The Repeat Audit uncovered that old services continued billing even though we implemented new solutions to replace them.  SpyGlass again provided substantial savings and even recouped credits back from the phone company after correcting a pricing inaccuracy."

— James Frank —

Director, Information Technology | City of Berwyn

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