Build Your Class

Build Your Class

As demographics of college students change drastically, higher-education marketers must respond. You can use class-shaping to connect with the demographics interested in your college or university. Shape your recruitment and targeting strategy with this class-building assessment.

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How important is recruiting students from out of state to your school?

How important is recruiting international students to your school?

How important is building an ethnically diverse student body?

Which underrepresented ethnicity in your student body would you like to grow, if any?

Are you more interested in recruiting traditional 18-21 year old students or nontraditional 25+ year olds?

Are you looking to grow your male or female student population overall or in a certain program?

Do you have a specific program that is most important to promote?

Are you looking to recruit undergraduate or graduate students?

How important is the academic performance of students that you accept?