EDU Standard: The CMO Edition 2015


With school in session, the 4th installment of Fathom’s semiannual EDU Standard has arrived just in time for fall. This new edition celebrates the concept of the university chief marketing officer while giving education marketers a chance to review the latest news, insights and applications for marketing automation, SEO, paid search and display advertising. This issue also examines 2015 mid-year benchmarks in mobile, pay-per-click performance, and student search growth.

Chapter 1: Emergence of the CMO in Higher Ed

One key takeaway from this past year is the emergence of the CMO in higher education. The increased prominence of the position signifies a shift in how smart schools look at marketing. 
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Chapter 5: 2015 Updates in SEO

Each year, Google changes its search algorithm hundreds of times. Most changes are minor enough to not affect your website performance. There have been multiple updates, including Panda 4.2, which rolled out on July 17th, 2015. Google announced what was most likely a Panda data refresh, saying it could take months to fully roll out. The immediate impact has been unclear and thus far, no signs of an update to the search algorithm. The second update was originally dubbed “Phantom 2”, and more known as “The Quality Update”. Google has acknowledged a core algorithm change on May 3rd, 2015 impacting “quality signals”. Some institutions did see rankings shake up, but there are no clear reasons as this continues to roll-out. 

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Chaper 6: Marketing Automation for Higher Ed

More and more marketing departments at colleges and universities are adopting marketing automation as a part of their digital marketing strategy. Marketing automation has helped institutions improve marketing efforts by engaging prospective, current and former students. It has built enduring relationships with students through personalized messaging at every crucial stage of the long student journey. Is it time for you to do the same?


Click the link below to learn about some factors to consider when evaluating the case for investing in a marketing automation solution.

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